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Essential oil diffusers help
evaporate the oil more
quickly in order to intensify
the aroma they release into
the air.


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Ultrasonic diffusers operate
like small humidification
units and release cool steam
(laced with your essential oil
of choice) into the air.

Choosing Your Oil
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Select an oil or oil blend that make your nose happy. Common
favorites include lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint, pine, spruce,
and grapefruit. Try blends designed to help you relax or go to sleep,
blends to energize you, blends to comfort you, and even blends to
help you feel romantic.

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How Many Drops?

Begin by using a few drops of essential oil per diffusing session until you have a better sense of how much oil you need to add to adequately fill your space with fragrance.

Keeping your diffuser clean
  • Wipe down the diffuser after every use with a clean, dry cloth.
  • If oil builds up, wipe down with Thieves® cleaner.
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